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Ethereum Gladiator (Chapter 4)

"I'll come to you, then, while our charges sleep?" Nahri asked.

	"Yes, I would like that very much," Lonji murmured lightly.

	"Good," Nahri said as Shandel groaned and pumped Kyla full of cum again.

	Kyla withdrew her fist from a twitching Zylesen and sat up on Shandel's softening cock. All nine of them were panting and satisfied for the moment, and the handlers dispersed to bring water for their charges. Lonji and Nahri disentangled and flickered away to do the same.

	Lonji handed the small skin of chilled water to Kyla who sipped it gratefully after slipping off Shandel. After handing the skin back to Lonji, Kyla grabbed Zylesen's arm and tugged her down next to her and the night elf.

	"You know what I miss?" Zylesen asked as she snuggled into Kyla's side, draping a leg over Kyla's as Shandel put an arm around them both and Vhela pulled Jud and Elga down on his other side.

	"What?" Kyla chuckled breathlessly.

	"Blankets," Zylesen sighed.

	Tivalna tittered as she she scooted up next to the blood elf. William and Velven draped themselves on either side of Jud with Velven between Jud and Elga.

	Kyla laughed, shaking her head. "I never even thought of that. Before I was picked up I usually slept in armor. I don't even remember what blankets and a clean bed feel like."

	"I don't really either," Tivalna offered. "I was used to bedding down on leaves and grass. I don't know if I could go back to that or even a clean bed after two years sleeping in a NEST, though."

	Everyone but Shandel chuckled and mumbled agreement.

	The handlers all returned and knelt before their charges. The ethereals glanced among themselves and then nodded. Jud's handler, Bevli, was the one who spoke.

	"The specifics of the Melee Event have now been set," she told them. "Of the nine of you, one male and three females may participate."

	"It's being left up to you who goes in, and you will have a whole day to discuss it once you've been informed of the details," William's handler added. Kyla was fairly sure his name was Hiyle.

	"When will we be given the details?" Vhela asked.

	"It was supposed to be right about now but the event organizers are late confirming the challenge's biological component," Kelivv said mildly.

	Kyla raised her eyebrows at Lonji but before he could acknowledge her he Blinked away. A moment later he was back and the other handlers gestured for him to speak.

	"Confirmed. They just brought it in," he said, turning to the gladiators. "The challenge, in essence, will be for your team of three women to reach and retrieve your male teammate from the grasp of a Trilophlorus."

	There was a sharp intake of breath from Vhela and Kyla glanced at the draenei. None of the others seemed to know what a Trilophlorus was, though, and Kyla sure didn't.

	"A Trilophlorus, for those of you who don't know," Kelivv explained, smiling slyly at Vhela, "is a warm-blooded trilaterally symetric Class Two coituvore. Originally native to the planet Argus, an adult Trilophlorus has a mass roughly fifty-three times the Humanoid Average, rubbery bluish-grey skin, and resembles a squat, upsidedown mushroom."

	"From the stem," Bevli said, picking up the lecture, "the Trilophlorus supports three sets of genitals on muscular, phrehensile stalks roughly twice the length of the stem. The end of each genital stalk most closely resembles a vaginal orifice at the center of a three-petaled flower. Said petals are narrow and wrap around the hips and enter the anus of a captured male to secure as well as stimulate him during semen collection."

	Kyla was sitting up, rapt. She thought it was fascinating. Information on coituvores, as the ethereals called them, consisted of little more than rumor back on Azeroth. Creatures of erotic myth. Kyla had had more than a passing interest in erotic myths, before she'd gone and landed herself in what she affectionately thought of as sextopia.

	"The cap," Bevli continued, "unravels itself in the presense of sustinence or mating opportunity. Rather than a contiguous whole the cap is made up of three sets of twenty-seven tentacle-like prehensile feeder tubes. The primary purpose of these tentacles is to extract breastmilk from captured females, but they also serve as manipulator and locomotive limbs."

	"Each tentacle," Kelivv said, "and this is important, has a small collection sack at its base, and once it's full, that tentacle will go inactive while the milk is digested."

	"Oh!" Zylesen perked up next to Kyla. "The female team, they're going to be made to lactate, right? And that's how they're supposed to get through the tentacles to reach the male?"

	"Correct," Nahri said. "The competitors will have their neural implants temporarily modified to induce lactation."

	"Neat," Kyla breathed, absently slipping her hand around Zylesen and fondling a breast. "I didn't know the implants could do that."

	Bevli finished the lecture. "The feeder tentacles are each twice the length of the Trilophlorus' central body. One tentacle by itself is weak enough to overpower easily, but the Trilophlorus is well evolved to use many tentacles in concert to restrain its prey. While its primary goal with a female is the breastmilk, the feeder tentacles are often and quite effectivly used to penetrate female prey and keep them pacified with orgasms."

	"During the Event," Lonji informed them, "the females' implants will be inactive, requiring them to face the Triphlorus with their body's natural reactions intact. The male's implants, however, will be active. Your goal will be to get close enough to touch one of his sensors and set him into orgasm mode. Doing so will satisfy the Trilophlorus' goal of sperm collection for that genital stalk, and cause it to release him. The first team to free their male in this way is the winner of the Event."

	Finished, Lonji settled down infront of Kyla. All of them were quiet for a while, mulling over the information.

	"Um," Zylesen finally said hesitantly, drawing everyone's attention. "This is probably going to mean I won't be one of the lucky three who get to throw themselves on the mercy of a real fucking live tentacle monster, but to have the best chance of winning the team should be those with the highest potential capacity for milk production, shouldn't it?"

	Jud nodded. "Yah and for da male, we best be choos'en whoeva shoots da biggest load da fastest."

	"The latter should be pretty easy to determine," Kyla mused. "Just set all our males to Red at the same time with a measuring bowl in front of their cocks."

	Everyone seemed to agree with that.

	Velven spoke up next from where he was squeezed between Jud and Elga, one hand idly caressing the troll's lean abs while the other arm wrapped around one of Elga's head-sized mammaries. "Sheer size can often be correlated with capacity. However, the ratios of composition between tissue types often vary, thus shape and heft are usually more acurate indicative traits."

	Kyla and the others stared at the male blood elf.

	Velven blinked. "I was a healer, uh, before," he explained. "I studied anatomy quite thoroughly."

	"Lonji, you and the other handlers can see our insides. You should already know which of us are the best choices," Kyla realized, raising an eyebrow at her handler.

	The ethereal seemed to give her a wry look. "We do, in fact. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to tell you. Choosing who participates is supposed to be part of the Challenge."

	"Alright then," Kyla said. "Velven, who do you think it should be?"

	The pale blood elf pushed himself up and straightened his gleaming white coiffure, sliding up onto his knees. He looked down the row of Falavax's gladiators with a frown, leaning forward to run his hands over Elga's breasts for a few seconds before nodding to himself and moving over to Vhela.

	"Elga's obviously in," Velven said. "Even if she weren't the largest here she still has a high proportion of lacteal tissue."

	Straddling Vhela's thighs, he ran his hands around the draenei's blue orbs, which were significantly smaller than Elga's but still larger than everyone else's.

	"I vonder, are the other teams at an unfair disadvantage or do they also happen to have an anatomy expert among them," Vhela mused.

	"A random element is inherently fair," Kelivv said patiently.

	"Luck of the draw," William murmured without sitting up.

	"Sorry, Vhela," Velven said, finishing his examination. "Your breasts are almost entirely padding."

	The draenei nodded neutrally, glancing down at herself as the blood elf moved on to Kyla, climing over Shandel's legs to get to her. Velven took Kyla's easily palmable boobs into his hands, running his fingertips over the slicked skin and squeezing at several different points.

	"You, on the other hand, have a significant quantity of dormant lacteal tissue as best I can tell," Velven informed her after several moments. "Your breasts would swell to more than twice their current size if you began to lactate. I would say with moderate confidence that you should be on the team also."

	Kyla grinned. "Excellent."

	Velven smiled mildly at her enthusiasm and moved over to Zylesen, who watched the other blood elf handle her breasts with a resigned expression on her face. Sure enough, Velven's smile soon turned apologetic.

	"Your original guess was correct," he said simply and Zylesen sighed. "Sorry, Zyle."

	Lastly, Velven leaned over Tivalna. The night elf's breasts were firm and shapely, filling Velven's hands, but they looked small on Tivalna's larger frame even though they were about the same size as Kyla's.

	"You're about average," Velven informed the night elf. "Less capacity than Kyla but not by much."

	Kyla glanced down the line. "Sounds like it's me, Elga and Tivalna on the team."

	All of the others nodded, including Vhela and Zylesen. Velven twisted around and settled down between Tivalna's legs, leaning back against the night elf who draped an arm over his chest.

	"Elga, Kyla, and Tivalna to participate," Gavia said, rising up. "Any objections?"

	The next day, Falavax's males were lined up and Jud won the final spot in the Melee Event to no one's surprise. Kyla's implants--along with Elga and Tivalna's--had been set as soon as the decision was made, and over the course of that week she noticed her breasts begin to change. Her nipples grew more sensitive and hardened more readily, and the soft flesh itself started producing wonderful new sensations when it was fondled.

	By the end of that week, Kyla's breasts had swollen noticably and almost seemed to slosh when she moved, though that may have been her imagination. Lonji's fingers proved excellent at milking her dry once her body had begun making enough to extract. Always while his hands encouraged her breasts to drain and refill themselves, his ethereal cock speared into Kyla's flushed sex at her insistance.

	Kyla was seriously considering requesting that the induced lactation not be disabled after the Melee Event was over. It was that good. She choked off a scream and slumped forward in Lonji's grasp, cumming for the--well, she'd lost count somewhere around the seventh. Milk dripped and dribbled off Lonji's fingers and down Kyla's belly as her butt jerked against her handler's crotch and her breasts squished in his hands. Her juices sprayed out around the ethereal's cock with astounding force, splattering his thighs and dripping down to pool on the black couch beneath them.

	"Oh holy fuck of the Light!" Kyla gasped as her loins continued to clamp down on Lonji's frictionless phallus. "I didn't even know orgasms that strong were possible."

	Lonji pulled Kyla to his chest, leaning her back. Her head dropped onto his shoulder as she panted for breath, chest heaving under Lonji's hands. Kyla let her head roll to the side and saw Tivalna watching her enviously from the seat next to her. The night elf was astride Jud, who was leaning back with his hands under his head, while Tivalna's handler, Viva, was wrapped around her from behind, ethereal fingers busy with Tivalna's swollen nipples. Jud's muscular chest dripped with her milk.

	"This is not fair, Kyla," Tivalna asserted. "As soon as Lonji was able to get milk out of you, you started cumming like a manabomb going off. I feel considerably slighted that all I'm getting is a pleasant warmth and orgasms no different than before."

	Kyla chuckled, still breathing hard. "I make no apologies."

	One of the lifts Kyla happened to be looking toward ascended into place carrying a familiar green blur in an orange coiffure. Kyla blinked and forced her eyes to focus. Elga and Gavia stepped off the lift and made their way towards Kyla's couch. The orc's steps were steady even with the added weight of her monstrously huge breasts, which she was actually carrying in her arms for balance. The gargantuan green orbs resisted gravity remarkably well for their size, but Elga had complained that if allowed to sway unrestrained, her breasts could now build up enough momentum to yank her off her feet if she tried anything less sedate than walking.

	The upside, of course, was that Elga produced more milk than Kyla and Tivalna combined, and the orc's nipples responded like two extra clits. Kyla could cum just from having her breasts suckled. Elga could ejaculate.
	"Ah, now we can both feel slighted," Kyla giggled, still a bit dazed.

	Tivalna looked around at Elga and stared for a moment. She smiled and shook her head, resuming her leisurely ride on Jud's thick trollish cock. Viva stroked the night elf's nipples but only got a small trickle for her effort. The handler slipped off her charge and Tivalna dropped against Jud's muscular milk-soaked chest.

	"Hey," Elga said cheerfully once she reached them.


	"Hello E-ohh!"


	Elga smiled and sat down beside Kyla and Lonji, releasing her breasts. They nearly touched the orc's thighs as she sank into the soft, slippery cushions. Kyla slipped off of Lonji and swung her leg over the orc's lap, her thighs sliding under the warm weight of Elga's colossal boobs. The soft flesh molded around Kyla's belly and Elga's nipples poked out on either side of Kyla's hips.

	"Damn Elga," Kyla said, squeezing the orc's breasts to her sides with a smirk. "This is almost getting ridiculous."

	The orc grinned and laughed softly. "It does get a bit distracting when I try to run."

	"Are you--" Kyla hesitated. "Aren't your breasts unnaturally large by this point? They'd be completely impractical back... you know."

	"You can say 'Azeroth' if you want, Kyla. I don't miss it," Elga said softly, then grinned. "And I'm pretty sure my size isn't completely natural, to tell you the truth."

	"Something happen to you?" Kyla asked curiously.

	Elga nodded. "Let's just say that I ran afoul of a particularly mischievous red-headed blood elf sorceress one night in the World's End Tavern, and when I woke up in the morning my breasts were twice as big and three times as much fun."

	"World's End..." Kyla pondered. "That's the place in Shattrath City, right?"

	Elga nodded. "Yup."

	"I never actually made it that far," Kyla said. "I was stationed at the Portal. Hellfire Peninsula was all I had a chance to see before my incident."

	"I, er, fell off Nagrand," Elga admitted, blushing slightly. "Well, was chased off, to be specific."

	Kyla found that funnier than she probably should have, looking down with a grin. "It happens."

	Elga smiled, and Kyla brought her lips down on the top of the orc's left breast. She kissed her way slowly down the soft green flesh, pulling the huge breast up to bring the nipple in range. Kyla's lips circled the areola and Elga closed her eyes with a moan.

	The orc's thumb-sized nipple slipped into Kyla's mouth and Elga shuddered, clutching Kyla to her chest. Tongue caressing the moist nub, Kyla closed her lips and slowly sucked. A delicious warm fluid filled Kyla's mouth, and Elga trembled, crying out in bliss.

	"Welcome! One and all, to this thrilling, edge-of-your-seat spectacular! The midseason Melee Event!"

	Ten-thousand eager spectators cheered with all their might, filling the Colosseum with the thunderous roar of their combined voices. Kyla stood with Tivalna, Elga, and Jud on the lip of the Melee Pit. The other two teams stood on the adjacent sides, waiting to be introduced. Perched on the first bulwark--which was actually more of a rounded pedestal--in the center of the Melee Pit, the Trilophlorus reacted to the noise, rustling its tentacles.

	"And now our three leading teams! The brave champions who'll be facing the mighty Trilophlorus! First in the rankings, I give you Team Valgani! Faraden Halu! And his rescuers, Helie Razorflame, Jenal Featherleaf, and current season high-score holder, Dwen Yilgiss!"

	The four named gladiators leaped forward and slid down into the Pit in a diamond formation with the black-skinned red-coiffured Dwen in the lead and the blue-coiffured male draenei in the rear. Flanking Dwen, Helie was a pale yellow-coiffured troll and Jenal was an almost pink green-coiffured night elf. The draenei's pale blue cock rose and preceded him impressively as his implants were switched on.

	The three females split off, leaping off moguls and ramps. They flipped through the air in different directions, showing off their acrobatic skill while Faraden skated towards a small peak just out of the Trilophlorus' reach. The three women landed smoothly, their swollen breasts bouncing wildly as they spiraled in and took places behind their male.

	"And now, I give you Team Kiejaan! Cedric Ravenreed! And his rescuers, Sylnie Rainstone, Argen Ironspun, and Phaedra Xayan!"

	Kyla's head snapped towards the second team and she focused intently on the limber-looking human man in a purple and black headdress who pitched forward and slid down into the Melee Pit behind his teammates. Cedric? She had to have heard wrong, or it must be just a funny coincidence. Kyla couldn't imagine how her childhood friend could have possibly wound up here. He was to far away to see his features clearly, but there was just no way--

	Wrenching her attention back onto the rest of the competing team, Kyla saw the two dwarves with matching tailed heads of bronze and the bone-white draenei in a brilliantly pink coiffure all hurtling towards different sides of the same large ramp. Leaping from the apex of the incline to the crowd's gasps, they collided in midair and clasped right arms, wrenching their glistening nude bodies into a dizzying swinging spin. They released as one, flying apart and each of them landing in the direction she had come from.

	"And finally, I give you Team Falavax! Jud Vol'gan! And his rescuers, Tivalna Zephyrseed, Elga Everblood, and Kyla Valstar!"

	Mentally shaking herself, Kyla put the coincidental name of Kiejaan's male out of her thoughts and focused on the stunt she had practiced with Tivalna and Elga. With a grin and a raised fist for the spectators, Kyla dashed forward and led her team down into the Melee Pit. She slid with ease, picking up speed as her feet followed the curve of the third bulwark--also known as the outer wall--as it eased into the second tier of the Pit. Air rushed over her damp skin and her swollen breasts swayed heavily from her chest.

	It felt odd to go into the Pit with her implants off but Kyla's body had never needed all that much encouragement to get aroused, so she wasn't worried about the Trilophlorus needing any extra time to get into her. Which was an advantage. A tentacle that was busy pleasuring her was a tentacle that wasn't busy encumbering one of her limbs.

	Kyla split off from the others, setting her feet just so to arc to the right without losing too much momentum. A ramp rose in front of her and the second bulwark dropped off to her left. It took a lot of practice to keep one's feet from digging in to the Pit's surface the wrong way and producing drag, but Kyla had it mastered, so her speed was sufficient.

	Kyla shot up the ramp, sailing vertically into the air. She backflipped, stretching out and then tucking her legs in. Reaching under her legs, she slipped a finger from each hand into her pussy. At the crest of her jump, Kyla unfurled, throwing her arms out to the sides and flinging droplets of her wetness in opposite directions.

	The slippery black terrain of the Melee Pit rushed up at her and Kyla tucked and braced, coming down perfectly on the second bulwark. She slid down to the first tier at such speed that the bottoms of her feet were actually feeling a little hot from the friction.

	The crowd was screaming now. Her leap had been dangerous. If she'd overshot, she would have crashed on the first tier hard enough to break her legs and probably a lot of other bones. But since she'd pulled it off, Falavax was probably already selling holoprints of Kyla flipping through the air with her fingers in her cunt.

	Kyla laughed as she bled off speed and joined Jud, Elga, and Tivalna on their mound facing the Trilophlorus.

	"Gladiators! Surrender your men!"

	Jud glanced back at his teammates. "Let's do dis."

	The troll pushed forward, sliding down the mound and up the Trilophlorus' perch. A low, warbling purr emanated from the creature's squat body as it sensed the human, draenei, and troll come within reach. Shiny bluish tentacles snagged the male gladiators, binding their limbs and checking their genders. Kyla watched as Jud was reeled in and lifted up toward the larger genital stalks to join Cedric and Faraden from the Trilophlorus' other sides.

	Kyla turned and her teammates moved with her. "I'll go in second on the left."

	"I'll take center and go first," Elga said as they took up positions on the best nearby highground.

	As Kyla braced herself for a gravity-assisted dash, the Trilophlorus' genital stalks descended on Jud, Cedric, and Faraden. The apendages did indeed look a lot like three-petaled flower buds as they bloomed open, revealing a very humanoid-looking vagina at their center. The engorged orifices had more musculature than a woman did, though. The lips bulged forward as they closed over each of the hard male organs, sucking them in while the petals reached around the men's hips and between their legs.

	Once the three male gladiators were fully engulfed and enclosed by the genital stalks, shivering with pleasure as the Trilophlorus used its highly evolved anatomy in the attempt to extract as much semen from them as possible, the commentator called for the contest to begin.

	Elga threw herself forward, moving swiftly despite having her arms full holding her massive breasts in place. Kyla shifted her weight, waited three heartbeats, and launched herself into motion, skating after the buxom orc. Tivalna quickly followed.

	In quick succession, they reached the ramp. Riding the upward curve, Kyla flew into the air. Tentacles shot towards her like striking snakes, hooking around her limbs and winding around her torso as the Trilophlorus snared her out of her jump. Kyla twisted deftly, snatching a single extended tentacle in both hands and pulling herself further inward. Another tentacle caught her right arm but her left was still free. She bent her leg and grabbed the head of the tentacle that had snared her left ankle and attached it to one breast, while leading the one on her arm to the other breast.

	An orcish cry of pleasure sounded from her right where the sucker-heads of two tentacles had latched onto Elga's nipples. The writhing limbs had wound themselves all the way around her enormous breasts and were squeezing them in rhythm with the pulsing suction. Several tentacles encased the orc's arms and upper body but somehow Elga's legs were still free. That didn't last, but as soon as a half-dozen more tentacles wound up Elga's legs and one wriggled into her sex, the two that were feeding on her detached and fell limply from her green skin, freeing the orc's right arm.

	Kyla continued to "climb" through the tentacles as the one that looped around her ankle on its way to her nipple was joined by four more tentacles that forced Kyla's thighs apart. She twisted and stuck her other leg out in front of her as the tentacles caught it so she could use it as another anchor point to pull herself farther in toward's the Trilophlorus' central body. A tentacle pierced Kyla's pussy, but she ignored the sudden spike of pleasure as she wrenched her extended leg up and pulled herself a full bodylength closer to her goal.

	Grunts and moans carried through the writhing mass of limbs from the other gladiators with the roar of the crowds as a constant background. The Trilophlorus' warbling purrs wove a sound that was seductive and almost musical, but it was lost in the cacophony.

	The tentacles feeding on Kyla reached capacity and went limp, sliding off of her. She quickly yanked the next two most cumbersome of the Trilophlorus' limbs to her breasts, shuddering with sudden orgasmic spasms when they latched on. She gasped, her body shaking as her muscular walls gripped the tentacle that was fucking her.

	And on Kyla went, working her way closer to Jud, feeding tentacle after tentacle and cumming again and again. In the haze of pleasure and thrill of competitive urgency she wasn't sure exactly how it happened, but Kyla found herself stretched out face-up, with tentacles pulling her in two directions at once. Her legs were stretched out towards Jud and the tentacles wrapped around her legs were the ones feeding on her. Her torso was unencumbered, but five tentacles had both of her arms and her neck firmly bound and Kyla was having trouble getting enough air to stay lucid after so many squirting orgasms.

	The feeding tentacles finished draining their share of milk out of Kyla's breasts, and released her. With a sudden jerk of released tension, the remaining tentacles yanked Kyla up and away from Jud. She scrambled for something to stop herself but her kicking legs caught only air. The tentacle buried in her sex was pulled taut and abrubtly wrenched from her flesh. Only the tentacle that had managed to penetrate her ass at some point had the reach to stay with her lower body.

	With a fleshy thud, Kyla's butt collided with a thick pillar of flesh--a genital stalk--and her legs tangled with the tentacles supporting the wrong male. Ebony skin and blood-red cloth filled Kyla's dazed gaze.

	Kyla let out a wordless noise of frustration. She'd been so close to reaching Jud and then the Trilophlorus had flung her all the way over to the other team's third. Quickly leading the tentacle around her neck and the tentacle around her right arm down to her puffy red nipples, Kyla turned the other way and saw that she'd wound up right between Dwen and Cedric, in arms reach of them both.

	Cedric Ravenreed. Not a gladiator that happened to have the same name. Cedric. Kyla's eyes locked with his, going wide with recognition and sheer shock. His eyes went wide in a similar manner, his expression plainly stunned.

	It was him. It was him.

	And that was when her breasts ran dry and the tentacle coiling around Kyla's neck did not go limp and release her. Kyla was too stunned to notice it increase its futile efforts to get more milk from her and inadvertantly cut off her air, until she was already passing out.

	Cedric! was Kyla's first thought when she regained consiousness. She was still so astounded that it took several moments to remember that she had been strangled, and should perhaps be worried about that. She was laying on something soft, head and shoulders supported by the familiar sensation of ethereal arms. Kyla took a deep breath and found no lingering pain in her neck.

	"How are you feeling, Kyla?" Lonji's voice asked.

	Kyla sat up and opened her eyes. She was back in her room, sitting on the plush rug with Lonji's arms around her from behind. He moved with her, pressing his chest to her back so she could lean on him.

	"Healthy, a little groggy," Kyla said. "Dumb. Who won?"

	"After you got suffocated Dwen reached her teammate with one hand and tried to help you with the other. Valgani's team has widened their lead," Lonji reported. "You should be more careful, Kyla."

	"It was a dumb mistake," Kyla sighed. "Just because it wasn't strangling me immediatly doesn't mean I shouldn't have been on guard for it to start."

	"Indeed," Lonji said wryly. "Would you like me to describe the rest of the Event, or would you prefer to wait for the holocording?"

	"I'll wait," Kyla said as Lonji's hands slid up onto her breasts and gently massaged them. Her nipples were still a little sore. Trilophlori were clearly not the gentlest of creatures.

	Lonji leaned Kyla's head back on his shoulder and slid one hand down her belly, lightly slipping his fingers through Kyla's sex. His fingers rubbed her slowly, stroking her with a mellow caress.

	Kyla smirked a little. "So what's up with you and Nahri?"

	"Are you refering to our agreeable professional philosophies?" Lonji asked with a hint of humor.

	"Don't think I didn't notice you two getting all cute," Kyla said.

	Lonji chuckled briefly. "Handlers are discouraged from discussing their personal lives with charges, you know."

	"Fine," Kyla said. "Still. It's sweet."

	Staring off into nothing while Lonji softly played her body, Kyla thought once more about how incredible it was that Cedric was in the same building as her. They had grown up together and she'd been thirteen the last time she had seen him. That was right before a group of battling adventurers had destroyed her home town and she'd gone with her parents into the city. They had kissed goodbye, and it had been her first. Kyla hadn't kissed anyone in years.

	And now he was here and Kyla really wanted to see him again. She knew she couldn't, though. The rules of the Colosseum wouldn't permit her to talk to him. Kyla sighed, half in pleasure from what Lonji's hands were doing, and half with dissapointment over Cedric.

	Kyla continued to dwell on it after Lonji brought her to orgasm, fed her, and left to go be with Nahri. She hung in her NEST wishing she could simply go find Cedric's room and be reunited with him.

	But then, why can't I? Kyla thought, beginning to feel a little rebellious.

	There were measures in place to ensure that gladiators' rooms remained a sanctuary for them. She couldn't have asked about them now without giving away her intention, but fortunately, Kyla had once asked about it out of innocent curiosity. Lonji? Is there anything that keeps gladiators out of each other's rooms besides you?

	The floor, Lonji had replied. Enchantments in the metal read the life-signature of any who set foot upon it and alerts the handlers if it doesn't match the assigned occupant of the room.

	The red dividing curtains hung from bars that hung a few feet below the celling. There was room to climb over one, or perhaps, along one. She could do that.

	"NEST, Release," Kyla commanded, and the glossy black tentacles set her down.

	She was going to see Cedric one way or another. She'd always respect the rules otherwise, but not about this. It was ridiculous to keep her away from some one she ached to see again, Kyla rationalized, since it would be a constant distraction that would hurt her performance and, isn't embracing desire a central tenant of the Etherean way of life?

	Kyla gathered fistfulls of red cloth in her hands and quickly hauled herself up to the support structure. Once perched with her back touching the celling, it was precarious but within Kyla's ability to balance. She crept along the metal bars in the shadowed scaffolding, looking down into the rooms she passed. Zylesen was asleep in her NEST in one room Kyla passed, and she recognized others here and there.

	There were empty rooms too. A lot of empty rooms. Kyla had figured there might be an unoccupied room here or there but nearly half the rooms she crawled over were dark and dormant. Her feet were hurting by the time she found the room she was looking for.

	Cedric was up and awake, standing on one leg with the other one arched all the way up to his black-and-purple-clad head. He moved slowly through a series of poses Kyla didn't recognize, but from the way he contorted himself Kyla figured she wasn't even half that limber. She forgot the pain in her feet for while as she watched him.

	"Cedric?" she called hesitantly after four more poses.

	He jerked, startled and stumbling. He looked around for her and finally spotted her up by the celling.

	"Kyla!" Cedric breathed. "It is you. How the fel--what are you doing up there?"

	"Coming to see you, obviously," Kyla said smiling, swinging down and hanging from the red cloth. "Help me down, I don't think I can jump all the way to your rug."

	It took a moment before Cedric glanced at the floor and got it, but just as quickly he was there and ready to catch her. Kyla lowered herself into his arms and he took her weight, holding her close to his chest.

	"We're still probably going to get in trouble for this," Cedric said, setting her down on the soft, comfortable rug in the center of his room.

	Kyla grinned guiltily, pulling Cedric into a tight, fierce hug. "I couldn't help myself. I thought I'd never see you again. When I saw you at the Event I couldn't believe my eyes."

	"Yeah, I've been thinking about you all day. I couldn't sleep," Cedric admitted, wrapping her up in his warm arms and leaning his forehead on her shoulder. "I can't believe you're here!"

	Kyla laughed and her lips started kissing the firm skin of his chest. "I had to come see you. I couldn't just ignore that you were here, even if we are breaking a rule."

	His firming erection was squeezed down between them. Hitching one leg onto Cedric's hip, Kyla reached down and slipped his hardened shaft into her. She did it without thinking about it, but once he was inside her she looked into his indigo eyes and there was a significance to the moment that Kyla really wasn't supposed to feel anymore.

	"Light and Shadow," Cedric said softly, sitting them down with Kyla astride his lap. "What happened to you, Kyla? The last time I saw you was when your family went with the refugee caravan to Stormwind."

	Kyla smiled, rocking gently on Cedric's cock. "The short version is that I lived in Stormwind for a while, learned to fight, and five years ago I was conscripted, and recently I ended up in the Outland Campaign. Then I got blown up and here I am."

	"You can fill me in on the details later," Cedric chuckled.

	"I will," Kyla promised, rubbing her still-tender breasts against his chest. "So how on Azeroth did you end up here, Cedric?"

	"I... had a hard time of it," Cedric said slowly. "After a few years, though, I started making money as an erotic dancer."

	"Oh. Is that what you were doing before I got here?" Kyla asked.

	Cedric slid his hands down Kyla's back, rounding her butt and flowing with her hips as she slowly undulated in his lap. "Sort of. It was just stretching and balance practice though, not an actual routine or anything. I worked at a Ladies Only tavern in Dun Morogh. Made good tips, and also discovered that a lot of gnome women are a bit more sexually ambitious than is good for them."

	Kyla giggled. "What happened?"

	"Let's just say I underestimated my viability as Succubus Bait and leave it at that," Cedric said.

	"Oh no way," Kyla laughed. "You have to tell me that story now."

	Cedric grinned and shook his head. Shared laughter did wonderful things to the way their bodies were connected. Kyla gave him an affectionate poke in the chin. Their laughter went quiet, and Kyla just looked at him as he looked at her.

	It shouldn't have been a big deal. They were already having sex. Yet a magnetic tension seemed to hang in the air between them as they closed the distance. Cedric's soft lips pressed slowly into Kyla's, parting gently, and a deeper long-forgotten warmth suffused her being.

	Kyla and Cedric kissed, and it awoke their hearts. This was going to be trouble.$c&u=